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FCC Schedules Auction of 136 FM CPs

Auction 109 also includes four AM facilities

The Federal Communications Commission has scheduled an auction in July of 136 FM and four AM construction permits.

Auction 109 will open on July 27, 2021. It will include all of the FM permits that has been included in Auction 106 plus six more.

Auction 106 was postponed last year due to the pandemic and has now been canceled; applications to participate in that auction have been dismissed; so hopefuls will have to file a new application to take part in Auction 109. That window hasn’t opened yet.

Also up for auction in July will be four AM licenses — three in Illinois and one in St. Louis, Mo.

The commission has published proposed bidding procedures for the auction and has asked for comments, due March 15. Read the FCC notice here. And here is list of permits to be offered.

The Media Bureau also has frozen applications to modify any of the vacant non-reserved band FM allotments involved in the auction, as well as proposals to change channel, class, community or reference coordinates for them, and applications that fail to protect Auction 109 FM allotments.

A temporary freeze on AM minor changes that would conflict with the expired licenses of the four AM facilities remains in effect.