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Get a Look at the LVCC’s Boring Tunnel Loop

The "Teslas in a tunnel" project opened in June

If you go to the NAB Show or Radio Show in October, it may be your first look at the massively expanded Las Vegas Convention Center. And you might also be able to take a ride in the Boring Tunnel Loop.

CNET posted this video report about the tunnel by Senior Editor Claire Reilly, which gives you a look:

The project, nicknamed “Teslas in a Tunnel,” opened in June based on a conception by Elon Musk. It is a three-station transportation system with 1.7 miles of tunnel, cored out by a special boring machine.

It connects the LVCC New Exhibit Hall with the familiar, North/Central/South Halls and is intended to reduce a walk of up to 45 minutes with a free 2 minute underground car ride (here’s a map). The Boring Co. would like to build it out to a much bigger system eventually.

An NAB official confirmed that the loop will be running during the NAB Show in October.