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SBE Website Recovered After Malware Attack

The society is working to resolve the issue

UPDATE 6/5: The Society of Broadcast Engineers’ website is back up and running. An SBE spokesperson said the malware attacked removed all the content/pages from the website. The SBE has since removed the malware and restored the content from a backup. The SBE confirms there was no ransomware and that no SBE member data was compromised. The organization said it is continuing to run scans to ensure there are no remaining traces of the attack.

The Society of Broadcast Engineers’ website is offline after having experienced a malware attack on May 30.

The website is currently in a lockdown to prevent further nefarious activity while the SBE works to identify what was compromised and remove it, then check again for further activity.

At present, when trying to access the site, the web browser may show a “401 Unauthorized” code or prompt users for a login — which will be unsuccessful.

“We realize this affects many functions, programs and services of the SBE,” wrote the SBE in an email to its members on June 4. “We are working with our site host and others to restore the function as fast as possible, and we appreciate your understanding.”‘

Communications Director Chriss Scherer said the SBE hoped to resolve the issue before there was a need to notify its membership.

“That said, we expect the problem to be solved very soon,” said Scherer.

There is no timeline for recovery. The SBE will send out an alert when the site has been restored.

If you need immediate assistance with an SBE program or service, contact the SBE staff by phone at (317) 846-9000, or via email.

Relatedly, The American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the nationwide association of amateur radio in the United States, also suffered a cyberattack in May. Several services, such as Logbook of The World and the ARRL Learning Center, were affected.

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