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NAB Launches Campaign for AM Radio

Website urges people to contact members of Congress

Infographic listing benefits of AM radio
NAB infographic. (Click to enlarge.)

With the long-term survival of the U.S. AM broadcast band in question, the National Association of Broadcasters has launched a campaign to highlight AM’s importance in cars.

Emphasizing the band’s role for “news, community engagement, entertainment and vital public safety information,” the association launched “Depend on AM Radio.”

“The campaign includes a website with a grassroots call to action and new tools for stations to highlight the importance of AM radio,” it announced. It encourages site visitors to contact their members of Congress about the issue.

The site includes an infographic about AM and its benefits, shown at top.

“NAB is urging all radio stations to participate in reminding listeners what makes AM radio unique.”

Noting that some carmakers are dropping AM radio from some car models, NAB said it wants to share “the dire implications of this decision.”

Among the public officials who have recently voiced concern about the removal of AM in cars are former FEMA administrators, FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington, Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Josh Gottheimer.

NAB President/CEO Curtis LeGeyt said carmakers are “implementing cost-cutting measures at the expense of our nation’s emergency communications abilities.