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Henry Debuts PowerClamp

Henry Debuts PowerClamp

Henry Engineering has debuted a line of transient voltage surge suppressor units called PowerClamp, which the company says feature low clamping thresholds.
The units are intended to improve transmitter and studio system reliability by attenuating noise spikes to within a few volts of the power line, and eliminating imperfections that cause transmitter shutdowns and tripped breakers, such as spikes, high-energy surges, noise and harmonics.
PowerClamp units use multi-stage hybrid circuitry to yield clamping levels as low as 2 volts above the AC waveform, resulting in waveform integrity or “clean power” without distortion. They are available in four sizes, Series 8, 6, 2 and 1.
Series 8 wire-in parallel TVSS devices are suited for radio and television broadcast transmitters, microwave sites and studio facilities. They are rated at 150,000 surge amps per phase; each line phase is fused with a fuse status LED. The company says an unlikely failure will not interrupt power to the load, and suggests unit installation at the main entry electrical panel for an environment where frequent lightning occurs.
Other features of the Series 8 include optional remote failure detection for monitoring the suppression integrity of the device and sine wave tracking. Series 6 offers 100, 000 surge amps per phase and is intended for sites where lightning is occasional, while Series 2 offers 40, 000 surge amps per phase and is intended for studios and sub panels in non-lightning areas. Series 1 is a plug-in unit for studios and computers, and offers 20, 000 surge amps per phase. Info: