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HHB Offers 80-Minute CD-R Bulk Pack

HHB Offers 80-Minute CD-R Bulk Pack

HHB has introduced the CDR80 Silver BULK. The 50 disk “cake packs” are unbranded and five packs come in a master carton.
The disks incorporate the second generation of Phthalocyanine dye. HHB said the CDR80 would have increased performance over the HHB CDR74 disks for the same price.
The disks comply with CD Orange Book specs and should work with writers up to 12x speed.
HHB has also redesigned its Web site, offering easier and more complete access to its product line and dealer and distributor locator. Also on the site: a listing of international service centers, Genex product software updates, a press release archive and product photo library.
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