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IBiquity: 16.5 Million HD Radio-Equipped Cars Are on Road

Company opens Mexico City office

IBiquity Digital Corp. says all major car companies now offer HD Radio receivers in one or more of their vehicle platforms, many as standard equipment. It says that as of the end of March, a new vehicle with HD Radio Technology is being sold every 4 seconds, an update from every six seconds reported previously.

The technology developer says 16.5 million HD Radio equipped vehicles are on the road.

Some 2,200 U.S. radio stations are broadcasting with the technology. These account for 78% of domestic listening, for an estimated 3.8 billion hours of annual HD Radio listening, according to BIA.

Based on a recent BIA report on top station revenues, 94 of the top 100 billing U.S. stations are using the system.

IBiquity says it also has made inroads in Mexico since the government there authorized voluntary use of HD Radio two years ago, and it has opened an office in Mexico City to advance the rollout and added personnel there.

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas, company President/CEO Bob Struble characterized the growth of HD Radio in Mexico as “consistent and strong, with broadcasters steadily upgrading their stations to digital and the automotive sector rapidly adopting the technology.” He predicted these actions will fuel consumer awareness and drive demand in other categories.

Thirty-eight stations in Mexico are transmitting HD Radio signals. Mexico City has 13 FM HD Radio stations, which air 24 HD2 and HD3 channels.