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Ibiquity Focuses on Data; Promotes ‘HD BML’

Ibiquity Focuses on Data; Promotes 'HD BML'

Ibiquity Digital is promoting new applications, content and prototypes that it hopes will spark interest in the delivery of wireless data via HD Radio.
At NAB, company reps are demonstrating how these applications use its technology to transmit data alongside the digital audio into a Visteon navigation radio using Texas Instruments’ DRI digital signal processors.
Content and technology providers working with the company include AccuWeather, Associated Press, Bluestreak Media, dMarc Networks,, the International Association of Audio Information Services,, National Public Radio, Sun Sounds of Arizona, TeleAtlas and Yes Networks.
According to the company, these services were developed using HD Broadcast Multimedia Language, or HD BML, an XML-based protocol and Multimedia Integration Language.
“HD BML is the result of an 18-month collaboration with over 30 of our broadcast, receiver and service partners,” said Joe D’Angelo, director of Ibiquity’s wireless data business development.
Ibquity Digital’s featured content is being produced on a D.A.V.I.D. studio automation system here using the HD BML authoring tool.