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Ibiquity Lays Off Glynn Walden, Two Others

Ibiquity Lays Off Glynn Walden, Two Others

Ibiquity Digital Corp. has let go three of its top managers, including the heads of its technical teams in Columbia, Md., sources say.
Laid off are E. Glynn Walden, vice president of broadcast engineering; Rick Martinson, vice president of program management; and Gerald Marcovsky, senior legal advisor. The changes, reportedly made for cost reasons, are effective at the end of the month.
All have been involved with IBOC development for several years. Walden has been the “face” of digital radio for many in the United States radio industry; he has been involved in the technical development of in-band, on-channel technology since 1989 and was the main liaison between Ibiquity and broadcasters, said sources.
Martinson was appointed director of digital radio broadcast development in 1996. Marcovsky joined the company in 1998.
Ibiquity had no comment other than to say it continues to work on the PAC codec problem raised earlier by the NRSC.

Here is biographical information on the three from the Ibiquity Web site:

E. Glynn Walden, Vice President, Broadcast Engineering: Glynn Walden had been vice president of broadcast engineering since 1996; he directed all broadcast industry-related activities associated with technology development and regulatory approval. He was a founder of USA Digital Radio, now Ibiquity Digital, and was responsible for coordinating and leading the industry’s implementation of the technology, including establishing multiple field test site and evaluation of implementation requirements for stations contemplating conversion. He also represented Ibiquity on the National Radio Standards Committee and managed other independent testing and evaluation efforts of Ibiquity Digital’s technology.

Richard E. Martinson, Vice President, Program Management: Martinson was appointed director of digital radio broadcast development in 1996, and was instrumental in forming the current technical team and supporting international and domestic regulatory efforts.

Gerald B. Marcovsky, Senior Legal Advisor: Marcovsky has been associated with Ibiquity Digital since 1998.