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Ibiquity Rolls Out ‘Dot PAC’

Ibiquity Rolls Out 'Dot PAC'

Ibiquity Digital Corporation unveiled the availability of a new digital audio file format based on its proprietary Perceptual Audio Coder audio compression technology. Ibiquity says its file format (now called “dot PAC”) has been designed to support emerging trends in digital music distribution and comply with industry supported copyright protection technology.
According to a statement released by the company: “The emergence of SDARS and HD Radio digital audio broadcast systems and the continued evolution of Internet based digital audio distribution promises to enable new and valuable consumer audio services with Ibiquity’s .PAC file format, providing the foundation for a number of these new services.”
Dr. Deepen Sinha, Director of Audio Coding for Ibiquity Digital stated, “Our .PAC file format will provide the music industry with a powerful tool in the management and protection of digital music content, ensuring consumer enjoyment in the future download applications. Much of our development has been focused on providing sufficient flexibility to consumers while ensuring that accepted copyright protection techniques can be easily integrated with our core algorithms.”
Ibiquity’s PAC compression software is implemented in the Sirius Satellite Radio service and is being deployed in HD Radio technology for AM and FM Broadcasters.