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In Denver, a Closed Ring for Clear Channel

In Denver, a Closed Ring for Clear Channel

Harris is highlighting a recent sale of products that will be used by Clear Channel Denver to create “closed ring audio transmission paths” for four of its FMs; this approach, the supplier says, will help the cluster, which is located in a tough weather market, “virtually eliminate” any off-air time caused by disasters related to weather or other emergency situations.
The supplier said the stations will upgrade eight Intraplex CrossConnect servers and add four more. The ring will use a combination of telco T1 and spread-spectrum radio T1 circuits that allow any studio to feed audio to any of the four FM sites over a bi-directional, protected transmission path.
Harris said the cluster will install DCS frames at the studio and main and aux transmitter sites to provide automated switching between multiple T1 paths. Enhanced apt-X audio cards are part of the Harris Intraplex STL HD Plus system.
The stations are KRFX, KBPI, KMGG and KTCL. Daren McMullin is FM market chief engineer.
For details of the installation on the Harris Web site, click here.