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India Makes Plans to Enact Phase III of FM Auction

Bidding will take place after June

The government of India has issued a request for proposals from companies that want to participate in the country’s e-auction under Phase-III of the FM Radio licensing process, the Asia Broadcasting Union says.

The auction will be held after the new government takes office in June. It will feature 839 FM channels in 294 cities. Proposals must be submitted by June 20.

Foreign companies may participate, in addition to Indian ones; however, they may not do business with or have equity with existing Indian FM broadcasters or bidders.

According to Asia Radio Today, the remit will be to “design, structure and implement the overall process of e-auction on a simultaneous, controlled, ascending basis” “to ensure a transparent and fair auction and selection process with optimum revenue and help in promoting equitable growth of FM radio,” a Request for Proposal stated.

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