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Interep Reports 24 to 54 Slips Again

Interep Reports 24 to 54 Slips Again

For the fifth consecutive year, advertisers have spent less to target the 25 to 54 demographic, according to a new report from Interep.

While still the No. 1 demo, last year 48.5 percent of all radio national radio spot ad dollars were aimed at those aged 25 to 54, down slightly from 1999’s 50.3 percent. In contrast, the share of dollars allocated to the Adult, Women and Men 25 to 54 in 1995 was 55.5 percent.

Separating demo groups into Adults, Men and Women, Adults 25 to 54 ranks No.1, followed by Adults 18 to 49,Women 25 to 54, Adults 25 to 49 and Adults 18 to 34.

Demos that gained targeted dollars were the 35-based demos (i.e. 35-64, 35+, etc.), which showed a full percentage point gain from 1999. Interep speculates that this increase may be due to political advertising, which tends to target older voters, in 2000. 7.7 percent of total ad dollars were allocated to 35-based demos in 2000.