IPod? iPhone? Wii? What's Your Favorite Gadget?

Top 10 list from ABC News has specific and generic gizmos
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There are few better ways to generate a (sometimes heated) debate going than to put together a "Ten Best" list — especially if that list involves something popular where everyone has a favorite entry or two or three or four ...

An example might be ABC News' recent "Top 10 Gadgets of the Decade" (please, no e-mails that the decade is not over until the end of 2010).

Correspondent Ki Mae Huessner writes: "The past decade has delivered a bounty of consumer electronics that make our lives easier, keep us connected and ensure that we're endlessly entertained. But a few have gone above and beyond, altering the way we organize, experience and share our daily lives."

With no scientific basis or structured polling whatsoever, the writer offers what looks to be a serviceable list. In no particular order Huessner cites the iPod, GPS devices, the BlackBerry, digital cameras, TiVo, Nintendo Wii, the USB flash drive, the iPhone, the e-book reader (e.g. Kindle) and netbooks.

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