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Italy’s RAI Steps Up Digital Radio Investments

The broadcaster says it will continue expanding DAB+ digital coverage

Italian public broadcast Rai announced that it intends to accelerate its investments in digital radio broadcasting at a recent digital radio conference entitled “La radio digitale, finalmente” (“Digital Radio, Finally”) held at the broadcaster’s headquarters in Rome on April 13.

“In terms of technology and production, we are now totally digital, and in terms of coverage, we have allocated significant investment that will allow us to cover the so-called ‘Motorway T’ ahead of schedule, by the end of 2018,” said Roberto Sergio, director Radio Rai.

“In the following two years we will continue to invest in making digital coverage ever wider and we are already broadcasting digital content on five new channels, designed and built vertically to compete in the field of digital entertainment. Additional new channels will be added very soon,” he said.

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As of June 1, 2019 wholesalers and retailers are required to sell receivers with at least one digital interface to receive digital broadcasts. This measure will also be applied to consumers from January 2020.