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JacAPPS Adds Android

App developer takes on another platform

Jacobs Media’s smartphone application development division, jacAPPS, announced the development of an app package for the Android platform, Radio Apps for Android.

The apps package is aimed at stations themselves. Broadcasters will work with jacAPPS to develop their own branded version of the app, which will then be made available to consumers.

JacAPPS is working with several stations and finalizing specific Android smartphone releases. Fred Jacobs, president of Jacobs Media, stated in the announcement, “With Android we will continue to custom-design radio and personality branded apps for this hot new platform.”

The app can include media players, Web streaming, Web browsers, alarm clocks, messaging features, contest widgets, social network connectivity and additionally for the station the app supports advertisements and other marketing tools.

JacAPPS has developed similar packages for the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphone platforms.