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Jacobs Techsurvey Digs Into Media Choices

Brand pyramid shows good news for AM/FM and streaming video

Jacob Media’s annual Techsurvey provides a detailed snapshot of media consumption, and offers some useful insights into trends in usage, as well as what to expect next. A big chunk of the report is a breakdown of media consumption, as shown by the Brand Pyramid. It helps broadcasters gain better insights into the consumption habits of their listeners, identifying the key media brands that they use.

Leading the pack is AM/FM radio, says the Techsurvey, with 92%. Facebook comes in second, with 74%, and remains the dominant social media platform. Both Instagram and Snapchat are way behind Facebook, but show significant growth.

There’s good news as well for the streaming video brands. Jacobs says 52% of its respondents now use Netflix on a weekly basis, up sharply from 41% last year. Amazon Prime Video and Hulu also show upticks in consumption of 24% and 19% respectively.

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The news for streaming audio brands is not so good. Techsurvey found that 25% listen to Pandora on a weekly basis. That’s about the same as last year, following a drop in weekly usage over the previous two years. iHeartRadio remained stagnant at 18% year to year, while Spotify inched up 1% from 12% to 13% this year.

Both the Techsurvey’s Media and Brand pyramids may be further broken down by format, gender and generation, making them useful in further understanding how listeners are changing their habits.

A free webinar — “10 Key Takeaways From Techsurvey 2018” — is scheduled for Thursday, May 24th at 2 p.m. ET.

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