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Jazz Stations to Meet

They’ll address digital music questions and how to deal with legacy vinyl

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters is organizing a meeting of a group of jazz-playing public radio stations.

The one-day meeting of some eight stations will address concerns about digital music, including questions of data storage and content libraries. Many public radio stations playing jazz have significant legacy vinyl record collections that need to be digitized or replaced if CD versions are available.

NFCB Program Manager Martina Tran explained one worry the meeting will address: “Most public radio jazz stations … do not have the infrastructure or training to access, catalog or store digital music. This planning meeting will focus directly on the uses of technology and new platforms to expand access to and delivery of jazz music to audiences.”

A series of follow-up conference calls also is scheduled.

The effort is part of a grant from the Middle Atlantic Arts Foundation’s Jazz.NEXT initiative. That is being funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. Duke, a scion of the Duke Energy and American Tobacco Co. fortunes, was an avid jazz fan, amateur pianist and singer.