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Karmazin’s Job Was Worth $32.2 Million Last Year

Nate Davis received $4.85 million in compensation.

If you’d like to know how much the heads of both satellite radio companies make, the SEC can help.

Sirius and XM disclosed executive compensation in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing this week.

Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin took in $32.2 million in total compensation in 2007. The figure includes $1.25 million in salary, a $4 million bonus, $2.832 million in stock awards and $24 million in option awards.

In contrast, XM President/CEO Nate Davis received $4.85 million in compensation: salary of $560,416, plus $747,500 in non-equity incentive-based compensation in 2007. In addition, he also received stock awards valued at $3.54 million.

XM’s former CEO Hugh Panero two years ago had compensation valued at $3.71 million including $3.075 million in stock awards in 2006, and last year he received compensation valued at $7.27 million, including $538,522 in salary, severance payment of $4.95 million and stock awards of $1.77 million.

XM Chairman Gary Parsons took in $5.94 million in compensation in 2007.

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