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Kenneke Offers Audio Restoration

Kenneke Offers Audio Restoration

Audio restoration and transfer services are now available from Kenneke Communications.
The company, based in Albany, Ore., is notable for unusual online offerings such as diagrams to “Run Vegetable Oil in a Diesel Engine” or “Build Your Own ‘Eternal’ Solar Beacon.” (It also advertises plans for a low-power transmitter, which it states is illegal to operate in the United States but markets under the headline “FM Pirate Radio Transmitter Schematics Plans” for $9.95.)
Kenneke will restore and transfer old audio recordings from tape, vinyl or wire to modern digital media, such as CD/DVD and MP3. It can remove hiss, pop and static from old, damaged recordings, and restore damaged, unplayable magnetic tape.
The company was founded in 1998 as a broadcast engineering consulting firm. Jon Kenneke is GM.