Kenwood Had Extra Car Protection at CES

What happens when your borrowed Lamborghini gets scratched
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I walked into the Kenwood booth at CES last week and saw a fence around the sports car.

I’ve seen fancy cars, even a boat, tricked out with Kenwood audio gear in their booth, but don’t recall ever seeing a barrier around them.

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This year’s Lamborghini LP670-4 SV in the Kenwood booth at CES. Photo by Leslie Stimson I asked Kenwood’s Mike Bergman about the fence. He initially said something along the lines of, “Something bad happened to the car in the booth last year.”

Of course I had to follow up. And here’s what he told me: Last year’s Lamborghini was all tricked out with Kenwood gear by Al & Ed’s Autosound, a car specialty chain in the Los Angeles area. They installed the Kenwood hardware in a way that it could be removed and the car brought back to new condition so that it could be sold later.

While the car was in the booth, a woman holding a camera leaned over the vehicle to take a picture — and dropped her camera. It bounced off the car and left an inch-long scratch on the pumpkin orange finish.

Normally, that kind of scratch can be buffed out. However this was a Lamborghini Murcielago SV670, the fastest and most expensive Lamborghini model made in 2010, worth roughly about half a million dollars brand-new, according to

Kenwood was responsible for the car and had to find a company that could give the vehicle a factory finish. “You don’t go to Maaco for this,” Mike joked.

Kenwood paid $26,000 for a factory-qualified paint job on the car. That’s why this year there was a fence around the Lamborghini.


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