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Kersonic KS-1 Accesses Audio Content

Kersonic KS-1 Accesses Audio Content

The Kersonic KS-1 Listening NetStation was unveiled recently at NAB 2003 in Las Vegas. The KS-1 is a way to access live and stored audio content over local and remote IP networks.
The KS-1 Listening NetStation can be connected to a PC to access intranet and automation software, browse audio libraries and monitor what is playing at a local or remote location. The KS-1 permits control of broadcast equipment without going through menus or loading multiple applications.
The graphical interface is easily customized for specific tasks or user groups; a built-in touch-screen and jog-dial allow intuitive navigation of the system. The KS-1 has a small footprint, taking up little desk space.
The system operates under the Linux operating system and supports IP multicast technology, which allows an unlimited number of simultaneous listeners to monitor an audio program over one stream, conserving bandwidth. For more information, go to