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Klobuchar Hits Twitter to Promote AM Mandate Bill

Maybe carmakers “don’t understand how rural works“

Screenshot of Amy Klobuchar on Twitter talking about AM radio“You know that you’ve kind of hit a sweet spot when you have both Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz on the same bill.“

So says Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota, taking to Twitter to explain her backing of the bill to make AM radio mandatory in cars.

“Somehow a bunch of car manufacturers have put [AM] on the chopping block,” she said, and she went on to list reasons to protect it, from local news and flood reports to farm news and county fairs.

The rural angle is a big one for her. “Maybe people don’t understand how rural works, but a lot of people drive long distances, to get to their towns, to visit their friends.”

Klobuchar is one of 13 senators who wrote a letter this month to the administrator of FEMA pressing her to work on the AM issue to make sure the National Public Warning System remains accessible in automobiles during emergencies.

Klobuchar has been in the Senate since 2006 and is a former presidential candidate. You can watch her short video below. Klobuchar said she’s very hopeful about the bill.