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Koss Stock Moves to Nasdaq Capital Market

Headphone-maker believes the Capital Market is a better fit

U.S.-based headphone designer and manufacturer Koss Corp. began listing its common stock (KOSS) on the Nasdaq Capital Market on Nov. 7.

Koss applied to transfer its securities from the Global Market to the Capital Market and Nasdaq OKed that. Nasdaq notified Koss in October that the headphone-maker’s securities didn’t meet the $5 million market value threshold to be listed on the Nasdaq Global Market for 30 consecutive days and offered the move to the Capital Market listings.

Koss believes the Capital Market is a better fit for smaller companies, and the transfer will enable the company to save additional costs in the future and satisfy the minimum Capital Market listing requirements.

The Milwaukee-based Koss began in 1958 and markets high-fidelity headphones, speaker-phones, computer headsets, telecommunications headsets, active noise canceling headphones, wireless headphones, and compact disc recordings of American symphony orchestras on the Koss Classics label.