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KTIS Will Multicast Christian Formats

KTIS Will Multicast Christian Formats

KTIS(FM) is exploring multicasting. Supplier Broadcast Electronics said the religious station at Northwestern College Radio in St. Paul acquired a BE HD Radio transmitter and is beginning to plan multicasts; it will broadcast separate channels on KTIS FM 98.5 for young listeners and another for 60+ listeners “starting as early as spring.”
“The station will split its HD Radio digital signal into three HD2 Multicasting channels initially, including one channel for its regular Christian AC programming aimed at the 40- to 50-year-old demographic,” the organization stated.
KTIS General Manager John Engen was quoted as saying the organization hopes to “reestablish our relationship with both younger and older audiences.”
The station ordered an FMi 703 HD Radio transmission package including transmitter, digital FM exciter and HD Radio signal generator; it will add an IDi 20 Data Importer for multicasting. BE said Northwestern College Radio plans to roll out HD Radio and eventually HD2 multicasting to its stations in Duluth, Fargo, Madison, Waterloo, Des Moines, Sioux Falls and Sarasota.