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KUVO Adds Neural-THX Surround Sound Library

KUVO(FM) in Denver has begun broadcasting in Neural-THX Surround.

KUVO(FM) in Denver has begun broadcasting in Neural-THX Surround.

The arrangement provides jazz fans with 1,500 titles encoded with the Neural-THX Surround technology, according to Neural Audio, which recently partnered with THX to collaborate on surround initiatives for broadcast and other markets.

The Neural-THX Surround Sound Library includes some 16,000 tracks in various musical genres, originally mixed in 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

Neural Audio said it has worked to make the tracks available for broadcast over a standard stereo infrastructure using the Neural-THX Surround downmix technology. The library can be integrated into a digital audio storage and automation system, with relevant ID tag information, according to the company.

“KUVO has been committed to surround sound for almost three years now as an important part in delivering the best possible radio experience to our listeners,” stated KUVO CE/Broadcast Coordinator Mike Pappas.

In that time, he said, KUVO has broadcast approximately 1,000 hours of special programs and events using Neural-THX Surround. “Integrating original performances and surround content from their library into our ENCO system is a natural for our surround efforts.”

A benefit of this approach, Pappas and Neural said, was that KUVO didn’t have to rework its facility or modify its transmission system.

KUVO’s decision follows similar deals Neural Audio has reached with WGUC(FM) in Cincinnati and about 60 radio stations that are part of the Classical Public Radio Network.