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KXEG Trumpets Alexa-Compatibility

Just ask your Echo for the station and it should find it

KXEG(AM)/1280 The Trumpet, a religious station in the Phoenix area, is on the technology cutting edge.

It claims to be the “first Christian broadcaster to launch an Alexa Skill.” “Skill” is a fancy word for a station preset for the Amazon Echo smart, voice-activated speaker to access. In other words, Echo owners can address the speaker, “Alexa, enable 1280 The Trumpet skill,” and it should locate the station’s special IP-delivered stream and acknowledge that the stream is available.

After that it simply requires the magic words, “Alexa, open 1280 The Trumpet,” to play the stream through the speaker. 

KXEG worked with XAPPmedia to create the feature.

Jacob Barker, chief executive officer of KXEG owner Gabrielle Broadcasting, said “Millions of people have bought an Amazon Echo over the past two years and we want them to have access to high-quality Christian broadcasting. We also want to continue to serve our Phoenix community and be available on all the devices that people use everyday.”