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Last Call for IEEE BTS Symposium Papers

Annual fall broadcast symposium looks for papers, panels and tutorials

The bartenders at the IEEE have issued their last call for prospective paper presenters at the upcoming 2012 IEEE Broadcast Symposium, Oct. 17–19, in Alexandria, Va. The deadline is May 15.

Would-be presenters are asked to formulate an extended abstract of 500–1,000 words on their proposed subject and send it to [email protected].

All broadcast technology aspects are open, though the IEEE is particularly interested in the following short list: digital radio and television systems: terrestrial, cable, satellite, Internet, wireless; mobile DTV systems (all aspects, both transmission and reception); technical issues associated with the termination of analog television broadcasting; transmission, propagation, reception, redistribution of broadcast signals; AM, FM and TV transmitter and antenna systems; tests and measurements; cable and satellite interconnection with terrestrial broadcasters; transport stream issues – ancillary services; unlicensed device operation in TV white spaces; advanced technologies and systems for emerging broadcasting applications; digital TV and digital radio reception issues and new technologies; ATSC and other broadcast standards developments and broadcast spectrum issues — repacking and sharing.

In addition, according to a release, the IEEE is soliciting proposals for half-day tutorials and panels.

Panel topics could include “technology, application, business, and policy-related issues and opportunities for the broadcasting industry.” Those too require a 500–1,000-word proposal submitted to [email protected]. Author contact information must be included with all proposals — full name, affiliation, mailing address and telephone number.