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Let the Games Begin

Microsoft licenses APTX technologies for game use

APTX has licensed some of its coding technology to Microsoft Game Studios for use in game networks.

It modified its apt-X algorithm for MS for use in two-way telephony over IP. The expected use will start with so-called massively multiplayer online games, giving players improved communications with one another.

A notable part of the development from APTX’s point is a new middleware technology dubbed stream-X. It is designed to aid in integrating data streams and packets within the network.

APTX VP of Business Development Mike Canevaro stated: “Every games studio knows live, two-way voice chat is absolutely essential to the flow of massively multiplayer online games.”

He added that the technology is available to other game companies. “There’s no reason why the same solution to this common challenge could not be deployed in other massively multiplayer online gaming networks.”