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Marantz Adds Rackmount CD Recorder

Marantz Adds Rackmount CD Recorder

Marantz Professional introduced the CDR632 rackmount CD recorder. Features including sync (level-dependent) recording, and programmable auto fade-in and auto fade-out recording. Tracks may be incremented manually from the front or the included remote control, or by using Minute Track Mode to set time- or level-dependent auto track increments.
CD-R recordable or CD-RW re-recordable disc media may be used for recording, and the CDR632 plays back unfinalized CD-R and CD-RW discs. Users can unfinalize CD-RW discs and add to them. Data and digital audio disc formats are supported for CD-R and CD-RW. MP3 playback is available from CDs, which the company says allows for log playback times.
The MP3 directory feature eases navigation to the file the user wants to play. CD text display is supported, and CD text may be entered from the front panel.
Features such as power-on play allow audio to begin playing back once the unit is powered up. There are four playback modes: continuous, shuffle, programmable and single-play, which plays back just the selected track and then stops.
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