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Marketron Opens Idea Vaults

Customer resource caches filled with case studies and marketing suggestions and data

Broadcast business software developer Marketron has opened what it calls “idea vaults” for users of its services to use.

Two of these “vaults” are currently available — the Mobile Idea Vault and the Interactive Idea Vault — respectively aimed at Marketron Mobile and Marketron Interactive clients.

These websites contain “hundreds of recent client case studies, metrics, marketing research and implementation best practices,” according to Marketron.

Marketron President and CEO Jeff Haley said, “With the increasing prevalence of digital advertising opportunities for traditional media companies, there is a need for education and resources to train current staff on this new potential. He explained, “The Mobile and Interactive Idea Vaults allow us to share our clients’ success stories and provide the knowledge base for our industry as it embraces the new trends in digital and mobile advertising.”