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Marti Gets Synthesized

Marti Gets Synthesized

Marti RF STL and RPU product lines are transitioning from crystal-controlled to synthesized. The company says it is making these changes to make its products more reliable and powerful and easier to tune. Delivery times also will be shortened.
Among the new products is the SRPT-40A. It is a frequency-agile, wideband higher-power RPU that replaces the SRPT-40 and the SRPT-40E.
Depending on the frequency band, the SRPT-40A delivers 20 to 50 watts. It operates at 50 watts in the 45- and 455 MHz bands. The frequencies in the selected band can be chosen from the front panel; bandwidth can vary from 25 to 50 MHz depending on the frequency band selected.
For example, an export version for the 300 MHz band will cover from 300 to 320 or 320 to 350 MHz in 10 or 12.5 kHz steps. The VHF version can tune from 135 kHz to 185 kHz at 50 W.