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Medi 1 Upgrades to Netia Air-DDO

Moroccan radio station benefits from increased automation with Radio-Assist 8

Medi 1 Radio in Morocco is replacing its existing CartStack on-air system for broadcast operations with Netia Air-DDO, the broadcasting module of the Radio-Assist 8 automation system

Medi 1, which has been using Radio-Assist for production and scheduling since the station moved from analog to digital in 1998, was the first Radio-Assist customer outside Europe. According to Netia, its adoption of Radio-Assist 8 and the Air-DDO broadcast module is the latest milestone in its continuing quest to deliver high-quality multilingual radio services to audiences across the region.

“After our long and successful relationship with Netia, Medi 1’s move to Radio-Assist 8 last year is a logical progression, and one that we were confident would bring us yet another step up in the efficiency and quality of our operation,” said Ahmed Abakkali, IT manager at Medi 1 Radio. “Our staff is now completely familiar with the system, so the switch to Air-DDO will be an easy upgrade that will streamline our service even more.” 

The Radio-Assist 8 Air-DDO broadcast module focuses on both ergonomics and technology, says the company. Spread over two monitor screens, Air-DDO’s GUI simultaneously displays the four broadcast channels, as well as access to numerous help and preparation tools — including on-air monitoring, playlist modification, track editing and recording sounds.