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Meet the ‘Cool Stuff’ Winners: Armstrong Transmitter Corp. X-1000B AM Transmitter

Meet the 'Cool Stuff' Winners: Armstrong Transmitter Corp. X-1000B AM Transmitter

One in a series about the winners of Radio World’s “Cool Stuff” Award.

Hey, it fits in seven rack spaces!
Armstrong isn’t one of the “glamour boys” of transmitters. But this 13-year-old company with the legacy radio name, founded by Sinan Mimaroglu, is worth keeping an eye on.
Its new AM transmitter has two 600-watt RF modules and is HD Radio-ready. Modulators are on the RF modules for redundancy and to allow hot plugging. The module interlock is behind the locking screw, which ensures the module is cold when pulled and active only when locked in.
Monitoring and control functions are on the front, or a rear DB-25. Power can be adjusted (high, medium or low) and output adjusted using a toggle switch.
Features include surge suppression on the AC line; rear-mounted twist lock connector for AC input, and matching plug; external RF input that allows for AM stereo or HD Radio input; RF test port for a mod monitor or test instrument. Two fans provide cooling. Retail: $9,875.
Info: (315) 673-1269 or