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Mega Media Extends Pulse Format Again

Group signs lease for WDCN to broadcast Pulse87 in Washington

Alex Shvarts is taking his “radio on Channel 6” concept to the nation’s capital.

Mega Media Group signed a deal with Signal Above to lease the aural carrier of WDCN(LP) at 87.7 MHz.

The companies will share revenue, with minimum lease fees paid by Mega Media Group. Mega will begin airing its Pulse87 format on WDCN in the second quarter of this year.

Mega CEO Alex Shvarts called the deal another milestone for the growth and expansion of its Pulse87 brand. The strategy allows Mega to “enter markets without the upfront capital burden of purchasing frequencies,” he said, enabling the company to operate with a lower entry cost and reach quicker returns to its bottom line.

Pulse 87 began airing on WNYZ(LP), New York in February 2008. Last month, Mega said it would extend the brand to stations KSFV(LP), Los Angeles and WLFM(LP), Chicago.