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Mexico Tests AM IBOC Using BE Gear

Mexico Tests AM IBOC Using BE Gear

Other countries are interested in converting their stations to digital. Mexico, for example, is looking at IBOC and Eureka.
Broadcast Electronics said it has taken part in FM IBOC testing and its equipment is being used for testing of the AM system, all with an eye toward that country picking a digital radio standard in 2005.
BE says of the three major RF companies licensed to make IBOC transmission gear, it believes it is the only one taking part in IBOC testing in Mexico.
The tests are being done in cooperation with the Mexican NAB and a large Mexican broadcaster, Grupo Radio Centro, which owns XHFAJ(FM) and 10 other stations in Mexico City. XHFAJ earlier this year completed five months of testing with a BE FM IBOC system.
For the AM trials, BE installed an HD Radio signal generator on the 100 kW transmitter of XEN(AM) on 690 kHz in Mexico City on Aug. 31.
AM and FM channel spacing is narrower in Mexico than in the United States, presenting challenges to IBOC implementation, so improved sound quality will be the focus of testing, according to Grupo Radio Centro DOE Eduardo Stevens.
The AM system will be demonstrated to industry leaders at a fall convention in Mexico City, Oct. 6-8. Attendees will receive a report on the FM field test results at that time.
According to BE, Eureka-147 coverage tests will be done this fall with a high power transmitter provided by Rhode & Schwarz.