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MIDI Association Formed

Aim to remind people about and promote the music equipment interface technology

Manufacturers of MIDI equipment along with software developers and OS developers such as Microsoft, Apple and Google have formed an association to promote the MIDI digital musical instrument interface technology.

A release explains the creation of The MIDI Association, “More than 30 years after establishing an international alliance of companies who develop MIDI products, the MIDI Manufacturers Association has launched a new initiative focused on people who use MIDI to create music and art.”

Much of the effort will be promotion of a MIDI user community along with education efforts for current users and “to create new music makers by promoting the creative possibilities that come from connecting digital musical instruments and MIDI controllers to smartphones, tablets and computers.”

The release notes that Microsoft (Windows 10), Apple (Bluetooth MIDI) and Google (MIDI in Android M and Web MIDI in Chrome) have expanded MIDI’s world.

It adds, “Individuals who use MIDI technology including musicians, artists, educators, retail salespeople, DYI/Arduino enthusiasts, DJs, game developers, sound designers, and audio engineers are encouraged to … become a member of the global MIDI community. MIDI Association members have access to exclusive member-only content to learn more about MIDI, share tips and tricks on the forums, watch MIDI Association how-to videos and webinars and even become certified as MIDI experts.”