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Mobile Apps Are Popular Choice

What revenue-generating technology will most broadcasters choose next?

A recent study by Wheatstone and Alethea Research into planned technology investment among radio stations asked what revenue-generating technology broadcasters expect to choose next.

The most popular choice for group-owned stations is a mobile app, while for standalone stations it is broadcasting in HD Radio, though mobile apps come in a close second.

The study quotes media observer Valerie Geller, president of Geller Media International, on the appeal of HD Radio: “Stations can use their HD channels to make money by creating programming for deep targeting of special interests. You go wide with broadcasting; you can go deep with HD or your Internet channels. On the secondary channels, HD and streaming on the Internet, we can do narrowcasting.”

They also quote consultant Mark Ramsey saying that because mobile devices are central to the experiences of younger consumers who have never known a world without them, they can be the key to engage especially younger listeners.

Wheatstone Study Finds ‘Technology Gap’

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