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MUSICAM Establishes SuperLink Across Applications

MUSICAM Establishes SuperLink Across Applications

MUSICAM USA has released its new SuperLink Audio & Data Gateway.
The system is designed as a link between the broadcast/audio world, the communications world and the information technology world. It’s a codec, a linear (uncompressed) STL and a network audio server with multi-format streaming audio. The product can also be used for other applications.
SuperLink is a two rack-unit high-by-19-inch (48.26 cm) wide rack mount mainframe chassis with front panel controls. A large menu window with hot-key access guides the user through a variety of programming steps.
A large telephone-style keypad, circular navigation switchwheel, programmable function keys, dual-channel VU meter and headphone connector complete the front panel.
Up to four hot-swappable hardware modules plug into the rear panel. Users may choose from a variety of modules to configure it to their needs. SuperLink recognizes the presence of these modules and displays their functions as menu choices.
These available modules include: a control processor with dual RS232 inputs and Ethernet port; 24-bit stereo encoder, decoder and codec with analog, digital and ancillary data inputs; a T1 and a E1 multiplexer with insert, drop and add capability; single, dual and triple BRI ISDN terminal adapters with both U and S/T interfaces and dual port V.35 and X.21 interfaces for N x 64 kb/s data.
b. m. cox