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NAB Chooses Lucid Converters for IBOC Listening Tests

NAB Chooses Lucid Converters for IBOC Listening Tests

A battery of subjective listening tests scheduled to take place at the NAB Radio Show in New Orleans will help standards-setting engineers evaluate in-band, on-channel digital audio broadcasting.
Lucid Audio’s DA 9624 digital-to-analog converter was selected as the bridge between the digital domain of radio transmission and the analog world of human ears.
The Radio Show test is the second part of a two-tiered evaluation. The first involved testing of Ibiquity AM and FM IBOC systems on consumers. DynaStat of Austin, Texas conducted those tests using the Lucid DA 9624 converters. NAB will duplicate the DynaStat setup for the radio show, focusing not on consumers, but on radio professionals.
Six computer stations will facilitate data collection from more than a hundred seasoned radio insiders. The Lucid DA 9624 features a 96 kHz sampling rate and 24-bit encoding.
NAB will hold the tests in the New Orleans Convention Center during the week of September 3rd. Participants must pre-register. NAB will submit its results to the National Radio Systems Committee. NAB will also publish its own report by the end of the year and will make the raw data available to interested parties.