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NAB, CTIA to Congress: Fund Tower Bird Death Research

NAB, CTIA to Congress: Fund Tower Bird Death Research

NAB, the Personal Communications Industry Association and the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association are writing members of Congress to express support for efforts by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to research whether there is a relationship between bird deaths and communications towers. Both association say there are around 60,000 lighted communication towers in the U.S.. Most of them exceed 200 feet in height. The associations state: “The USFWS has received reports suggesting that these towers may cause the death of some migratory birds. However, little research has been undertaken by USFWS to investigate the veracity of these reports and how and why birds may be attracted to communications towers. The USFWS indicates that such research may be necessary to assist federal agencies with jurisdiction over the industry to develop reasonable future tower regulations such as those establishing height, size, and illumination requirements.” The associations urge Congress to fund the studies.