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NAB ‘LinksIn’ Veteran Convention Speakers

Also seeks members of a new show advisory group

Anyone who has organized a convention knows how much work is involved in finding good speakers and content for sessions.

The spring NAB Show is big but it’s not immune. The show’s organizers are trying some new approaches to involve more people and develop fresh ideas.

They’ve set up a Program Advisory Group made of up “industry leaders and subject matter experts” to make suggestions about the conferences and suggest areas of programming; they ask for nominations to be emailed to [email protected].

NAB also is using LinkedIn, where it created a “Speaker Alumni Group” for people who have taken part in the past to interact. (Search “NAB Show Speaker Alumni” on that site.)

Those efforts are in addition to the convention’s annual call for papers. Anyone with a proposal for a presentation or session for the spring show can submit the idea by Oct. 21. Broadcast engineering and broadcast management are, of course, familiar main emphasis areas, but the show has others including military/government and content creation.