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NAB: More Wireless Devices Include FM

New cellphones using Windows Mobile 7.5 operating system

New cellphones on the market that use the Windows Mobile 7.5 operating system include FM radio, according to NAB Radio Tech Check.

These new Windows Mobile phones join an increasing number of Android devices that include FM reception, the NAB’s engineers wrote this week.

The 4G-capable devices include Microsoft’s Zune application. Zune features an FM receiver with RDS display, touchscreen tuning and seek/scan capability.

Three new models became available this month. Two are from Samsung. The 4G Focus features a 3.7-inch screen and 5-megapixel camera, which AT&T is offering for $49.95. The Focus S features a 4.3-inch screen and 8 Mp camera. It’s also thinner. Both of the Samsung phones include a slide-out speaker that can be used with the FM radio; The headphones act as the FM antenna.

The third phone is the Radar 4G from HTC that features a 5 Mp camera.

NAB states in the newsletter that “as the inclusion of FM reception capability proliferates on any wireless operating system, it puts pressure on others to include it.”