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NAB Seeks Satellite Repeater Probe

NAB Seeks Satellite Repeater Probe

NAB representatives met with several FCC staff members last week to discuss the question of STA approval for the satellite radio companies.
As RW Online has reported, Sirius and XM have asked for 30- and 180-day STAs to give them time to bring some of their terrestrial repeaters into compliance.
NAB has repeated an earlier request that the commission place the STA requests on Public Notice so the public may file comments on “arguments related to the legitimacy of the repeaters,” according to an FCC document. The trade group wants the commission to probe the circumstances leading up to the errant repeater placement.
An attorney from Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth attended the meeting on behalf of the Alaska Broadcasters Association, but Sirius’ request for an STA to place repeaters in Alaska and Hawaii was not discussed.