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NAC Taps Schellhardt

NAC Taps Schellhardt

The National Antenna Consortium has Don Schellhardt as its vice president, Government Relations & Membership Development. Schellhardt is charged with energizing NAC’s lobbying campaign for congressional legislation to override private sector bans on ham radio antennas by many neighborhood homeowners associations. He will also manage development of a new, more environmentally sensitive “compromise” approach to expedited siting and approval for antennas and communications towers.
Schellhardt has also worked as a low-power radio advocate and a policy advisor with the Environmental Protection Agency. Schellhardt is a subcontractor to NAC. He will continue to represent other clients, including The Amherst Alliance, a citizens’ advocacy group for media reform.
Founded in 2001, NAC represents current and aspiring owners and/or users of antennas and communications towers. Members are individuals, including ham radio operators, and institutions, ranging from tower-leasing entrepreneurs to broadcasters, cell phone companies, data transmission firms and other wireless concerns.
NAC is now led by broadcast engineer Fred Baumgartner, Chairman of NAC; cell phone entrepreneur, and tower siting consultant Gerald Agliata, NAC’s Executive Director and communications attorney with Irwin, Campbell and Tannenwald and Radio World columnist Barry Umansky.
NAC maintains a Web Site at