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Netia to Release DBShare Database Access Device

Netia to Release DBShare Database Access Device

The Netia R&D department plans to launch several devices designed to enhance its range of Radio-Assist software programs. The first is DBShare, an automatic database access management device.
DBShare is designed to increase reliability in any database server it is installed in, which is important because of the expanding use of digital audio systems. It centralizes all connections, so any number of workstations connecting to a server will go through a single link to the database. This will optimize connections and lessen traffic on the server. The system also optimizes the number of open connections by closing idle ones. DBShare also includes a statistical calculation function whose main use is to provide data concerning the number of applications connected, number of connections and number of errors over the previous 24 hours.
DBShare feeds two databases, a main and a backup, at the same time. If one database fails, the system automatically switches to the other.