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New DRM Platform for Southern Africa

First DRM medium-wave trial will be conducted by Radio Pulpit in South Africa

The DRM Consortium announced that it is launching a new DRM Platform in southern Africa.

According to the Consortium, the objectives of the Southern Africa DRM Platform, a voluntary group without financial aims, are to coordinate the various industry stakeholders in the countries of southern Africa to stimulate the introduction and rollout of DRM broadcasts, and to demonstrate a business case for producing and selling DRM radio sets or auxiliary devices.

The launch is scheduled for June 25 and will be followed a week later by the first DRM medium-wave trial conducted by Radio Pulpit in South Africa.

“My role will be to coordinate the strength of all the African parties involved, in order to ensure that the great potential of the DRM technology becomes a practical reality for serving the peoples of Southern Africa,” said Dr. Roelf Petersen of Radio Pulpit, the chairman of the new platform.

“The DRM global standard can be used in all radio frequency bands and is ideal for the large countries of southern Africa,” said DRM Chairman Ruxandra Obreja. “From national networks and regional stations to smaller commercial and community stations, all would be able to broadcast their digital radio programs with enhanced content and in excellent sound quality to everyone in their respective countries.”