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New Formats Range Widely

New Formats Range Widely

“Opera on the radio?” “Where’s the gay programming?” “How about some really alternative stuff?” “Give me back my disco.”
At least some owners and programmers will be able to answer more of these kinds of questions with the batch of multicast formats announced this week as coming online in shortly.
The list announced by the digital alliance of broadcast owners this week ranges from “Chick Rock” for women on the HD2 channel of CBS Radio station KVIL in Dallas; “Fusion Hispanic/Anglo Rock” on ABC’s KLOS in L.A.; “Chill” ambient and lounge music on Emmis’ WQCD in New York; and a comedy format on Greater Media’s WROR in Boston.
Readers are learning through general press coverage of the announcements of the new formats and the need to buy new receivers to hear them.