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New Station in San Diego

KNSJ plans on being volunteer-run

Southern California may soon be seeing a new public-radio station, KNSJ, 89.1 on your FM dial.

A project of a group called Activist San Diego, the Class B1 station is the result of six years of effort, said Martin Eder in a letter to the CGC Communicator and forwarded to Radio World. Eder is director and treasurer of Activist San Diego.

Eder says the plan is for “a community radio model of news and public affairs along with many syndicated programs from nonprofit news outlets and organizations.”

The station recently mounted its antenna on a tower on Monument Peak. It is to be volunteer-run and listener-supported. According to the letter: “Our fundraising efforts resembled bake sales more than cocktail parties. Individual donors and public events raised the $40,000 necessary, along with literally 1,000 hours of volunteer labor.”

In looking for more volunteers, Eder said, “While some of us have backgrounds in public radio, public TV and other media journalism, we lack people with a multitude of journalism, radio skills and programming ideas.”

The station has a webstream up at its website and expects final FCC approval in the next few weeks.