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New Stereo FM Transmitter From Broadcast Warehouse

New Stereo FM Transmitter From Broadcast Warehouse

Looking for a backup transmitter or spare exciter? There’s a new one on the market. The Broadcast Warehouse TX150, sold in the U.S. by Progressive Concepts, is a stereo FM broadcast transmitter that is also suitable for low-power FM radio stations.
RF output power is continuously variable from 35 to 200 watts. A backlit LCD graphics display indicates status of important functions. The rear panel contains two XLR balanced audio inputs with individual level controls, a BNC socket for multiplex output from the internal digital stereo generator, a BNC connector for audio loop-through or external multiplexer/processor input direct to the exciter, a 15 pin D-type connector for remote control and monitoring with pins for fault monitoring, RF muting, and for transmitter parameter monitoring via RS232. A program for Win95/98 will be available in spring.
The transmitter is configurable; the built-in audio limiter and/or digital stereo encoder can be switched in or out of circuit to provide a full broadcast solution in one box or it can be used with external equipment such as a multiband processor or external stereo generator.
A 20-watt version with the same features is available.